What participants have had to say about their experience of Andrea’s workshops:

‘I really enjoyed the workshop, and I felt that I gained a lot from the experience.  It really made me look at my relationships and my attitudes towards people that I have distanced from my life.  The workshop felt safe and open. Personally, I didn’t share too much because forgiveness for me is such a personal topic and I wasn’t comfortable giving too much away out of respect for the other parties.  I loved the workshop and it has really left me a little richer and given more growth.’ – Denise, after attending ‘Forgiveness as a Path to Peace’.

‘I learnt many new things although I am a fairly seasoned ACIM student. I really enjoyed the mix of theory, debate, small group breakaways, and DVD segments. The group size was perfect – not too small to feel stilted or pressured, and not too large so everyone could participate and have their say.’ – Kim

‘Thank you for the workshop last weekend. For me it feels as if a door leading into an intriguing room has been opened, revealing dusty, half open chests with contents forgotten and other chests unopened still…More than anything though I feel a huge burden lifted. So many responsibilities that were weighing me down have floated away and I’m all the nicer for it! – Lenore

‘I was eager to attend the Reconnecting with Self Workshop, as I consider the Self to be the point of address in spiritual growth, and was not disappointed. Andrea has the ability to present what appears to be a complex teaching in a way that makes it easy to understand. The workshop was Spirit led and the discussion that ensued from the group formed part of the teachings that were being conveyed.’ – Owen

‘I don’t read the book (A Course in Miracles) but loved the first workshop, loved this one, and can’t wait for the next one’ – John

‘Thank you for the beautiful opportunity to remember who we really are, that we are light, that we are spirit, that we are from love. You made me remember my connection to Spirit and why I do the work I do.’ – Elmarie

‘I found the workshop so appropriate for something I am dealing with at the moment. The tools for everyday living are wonderful and I will start practicing them immediately. You are a gentle Angel of Light with so much wisdom and grace.’ – Sherreen