What is a miracle?

It’s called A Course in Miracles, so what exactly is a miracle?


A miracle is a shift in perception

A miracle is a shift in perception, from fear to LOVE, from what is ‘false’ to what is True, from illusion to Reality.  It’s a shift in perception over to the thinking of the ‘right-mind’, and is not a modification or a change of your thoughts.  You literally move from one way of thinking which is the ego’s way of thinking to the thought system of the Holy Spirit, which is also within your mind.  The big thing is that we have the CHOICE between the two – that’s our greatest power. 

A miracle is called for when you have that ‘charge’ and you realise you are judging something, someone in your world or even yourself, and you feel crappy about it, and no matter how hard you try you can’t shift it.   So you ask for help from the Holy Spirit, saying ‘please help me, I want to see this differently’.   And then you trust that help will come and you keep your eyes open, or your mind open, for the answer, for the aha moment that will contain the awareness that will then lead you to seeing it differently.  

‘Seeing’ is not a visual thing, it’s an internal attitude, a ‘take’ on something.  It’s an awareness.  You may wish to understand someone or a situation better so that you can be more peaceful about it.  Your little willingness is vital to get you out of the ego’s grip and into the lightness of seeing with Spirit.  When we’re under stress we are usually running on ego and we’re projecting, and in that ‘frame of mind’ you can’t shift things on your own. So you ‘put it out there’ which means you turn to that Presence of Love within your mind.  Thank heavens we have that Help!


‘There is no order of difficulty in miracles.  One is not ‘harder’ or ‘bigger than another.  They are all the same.’   

We tend to think our problem is too big, or not as bad as someone else’s so we better not ask for help.  The Course tells us not to worry about this because there is ‘no order of difficulty’ – large or small Spirit can handle it – love’s assistance goes full tilt, to the max, no matter what!  

Later in the Course  we read that ‘there is no hierarchy in illusions’ which is the same thing.    Miracles are the loving replacement for fear and they work with the cause (the thought in the mind) and not the effect (the form), and once the cause has shifted to love, the effect may appear to shift too.  Healing benefits all, in ways that we may not even be aware of, because we are One mind.  

The miracle sorts out the rags from the riches, the non-sense from the real.  In sorting out the false from the true, the miracle proceeds along these lines:

‘Perfect love casts out fear,  If fear exists,  Then there is not perfect love.’   T.1.VI.5.3.

The miracle has nothing to do with anything ‘out there’, it is purely an internal matter between you and your Inner Guide.   Release from fear will come in a variety of ways, and is individual, and it may take a little while to receive the answer or the shift that you’re seeking.   When you have a grievance with someone, or are amidst a situation that you find particularly unpleasant or which you have reacted to, then you are ‘in fear’.  By inviting in the Holy Presence and asking for help to see this person/situation as He would (instead of as you currently do) or to simply do a difficult task with you, makes a miraculous difference.  Love answers, Lightness enters.. always.

‘Love waits on welcome’ (Lesson 356)

The Holy Spirit is so clever as He will use everything and everyone in our lives for the purpose of healing.  He meets us where we are.  So you may hear just what you need from a friend, or you’ll read it in a book, or in therapy you may suddenly go ‘aha’ and have a new insight on something that you needed to figure out.  

You may see why you reacted; for example a hidden belief may be revealed to you, and then you go ‘oh, I don’t need to do that any more, because I am as God created me and all is well’ and then you’ve got the miracle!  You may hear the answer within your mind, as a sudden insight or a moment of clarity.  Silence is the best condition in which to ‘hear’ guidance, in the form of thoughts.  My best time is very early in the morning just as I am waking (the only time my mind is quiet it seems!) as insights seem to flow in with ease.  We need to be SILENT and LISTEN  –  funny, those two words have the same letters! 

The more often we ask the Holy Spirit for help the more we will be seeing the world through the eyes of Love.  This takes practice as we are so conditioned to see through the ego’s ‘darkened glass’ and then we wonder why we feel unsettled and irritable, and depressed about life.  It’s because we have chosen ‘wrongly’, meaning we’ve listened to the wrong teacher, also known as the ego.  But we can always start anew, and make the choice to see differently, to see with our Holy Teacher – to see through the eyes of Love is actually our ‘natural’ way of seeing the world.

‘Miracles are natural.  When they do not occur something has gone wrong.’ T.1.I.6.

By changing the way you look at everything, in other words with a new perception, you’ll be coming from a position of strength, because you will be viewing the world through entirely different eyes (‘soft eyes’ I call them) and as you do so the world you see will appear to change.  You’ll move through it with greater ease and peace, being in the world but knowing in your heart that you are not of it.  This is what the Course means when it suggests to us that we don’t try to change the world, but rather change our mind about the world.  

As we move along this path and our Holy Vision develops, under the guidance of Spirit, we see miracles everywhere.  Where before we may have perceived the horror of sickness for example, we will now see that physical form is merely a smoke-screen, a falsity, designed to conceal the True Nature or the beautiful Christ Essence of a person.  Our awareness of the person in their Truth IS the miracle and as we experience this awareness, it is so helpful to others who may not be sharing our perception.  Our peace and loving regard says to them ‘everything is alright, you are safe’, so miracles are wonderful as they are for everyone!

‘A miracle is a universal blessing from God through me to all my brothers.’  T.1.I.27

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