Recommended Resources

 For those interested in studying A Course in Miracles there are many wonderful and inspiring teachers online whose invaluable work can assist in bringing greater understanding of the teachings. 

 My own recommendations are as follows:




Kenneth Wapnick

Foundation for A Course in Miracles

Huge source of MP3 downloads, articles, Q&A, and books available


David Hoffmeister

Living Miracles


Nouk Sanchez

Take Me to Truth


Lisa Natoli

Teachers of God Foundation

Lisa’s ‘40 Day-Transformation’ is fun, informative, life-changing and free!


Liz Cronkhite

ACIM Mentor



 Journey Without Distance – Robert Skutch

(The story of Helen Schucman and the scribing of ACIM)

 Absence of Felicity – Kenneth Wapnick

Jesus and Forgiveness – Kenneth Wapnick

 The End of Death – Nouk Sanchez

 Unwind Your Mind – David Hoffmeister

 A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson (must-read for ACIM newbies)


Online Lesson Support:


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