Re-connecting with the Self

The ‘Higher Self’ is spoken of in many traditions as the Holy Spirit, the Divine Within, the Comforter, the Guide.  We hear of it spoken with a sense of reverence, and often as if it is ‘apart’ from us, as lofty and inaccessible and only for those living a religious life.  This is not the case, and this workshop is designed to introduce to workshop participants the beautiful accessibility of this Loving Presence, a Presence which simply ‘waits on our welcome’.

 We will learn about tapping into the Higher Self, how to follow its guidance and how to work with it in simple processes that are profoundly healing.  The focus of the workshop is on developing an intimacy (in-to-me-see) with one’s Holy Self and how such a relationship with Self can develop and grow into a rewarding dynamic in one’s life.  We will learn how important alignment with this Higher Power is in forgiveness and in overcoming limiting beliefs and addictions.  We will learn what it means to develop Sacred Vision – to perceive our world with the eyes of Love rather than through the eyes of the ego.

 The content of the day will include teachings, discussion, music, meditation & Self-awareness processes, and dvd clips. Some materials will be provided for further reference at home.