Heaven in the Supermarket Queue


‘Why wait for Heaven? Those who seek the light are merely covering their eyes.’  W.188

If you’re despairing of humanity, thinking there are too many of us and the world (or our country) is going to pot, and all of that exhausting stuff that is the content of so much conversation at present, then I would urge you to head into your local Pick n Pay or other supermarket (preferably in a smallish country town) – and definitely make sure you do so on pay day!  

One day at ‘month-end’ I had the experience of being hugga-mugga amidst my fellow White Riverines, all busy doing their month end shop.   Initially as I bravely forged my way into the fresh veg section my internal ‘preciousness’ told me this was going to be a nightmare.   But I kicked that thought into touch and decided no, this was going to be awesome.  And it was!   

People of all ages, assorted colours, diverse religions, many shapes and sizes, and from all socio-economic backgrounds were shopping and all I can say is that it was heavenly!  Smiles and friendly chatter abounded as we all bumped into one another down the cramped aisles (local folks you’ll know what I mean!).   When I’d finished gathering my wares the queue was a fright to behold and my initial thought  was ‘oh Lordie’, but the only thing to do really was to chill and enjoy.   

As I stood there I looked around me and marvelled at all these amazing human beings!   Yoh.  We really are a shambly lot on the whole and a real hotch-potch, especially on a Friday afternoon after a long week, but all I saw was the beauty of our human family.   An albino lady laughed with a Muslim mother while her children ran around their feet giggling in delight;  a woman ahead of me smiled and cooed over her toddler who kept all of us amused with his throaty laugh; fathers clutched their babies to their chests while pushing their trolleys, a burly farmer in a safari suit stood aside for a big, black guy, and people were softer..  and they were smiling at each other. 

The ladies at the check-out glistened and glowed with their shiny wigs and lip-gloss, chattering and laughing and greeting everyone with a ‘hello, how are you?’.     By the time I had finished my shopping I felt uplifted, and I breezed out to the car with my trolley feeling as though I were gliding on air.

The clincher of the entire excursion was the skinny-as-a-bean, nearly toothless car guard, shivering in his thread-bare t-shirt, who helped me pack my goods into my car, and then blessed me as I drove away.   He blessed ME.   Humbling or what?  Honestly when you want to see the world through ‘soft eyes’ and you make that decision to do so, I promise you will see a much softer world.   Even in Pick n Pay on pay day!

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