About Andrea

Andrea’s personal journey with A Course in Miracles over a period of 15 years, and most recently with The Way of Mastery, as well as other similarly aligned teachings, has helped her develop a greater sense of inner peace and clarity in her own life.

Many people are attracted to A Course in Miracles but lay it aside due to its seeming complexity. Andrea has found that with opening up to the Guidance of Spirit clarity has ‘unveiled’ itself gradually over a period of many years, and this is an ongoing process.

The inspiration for the ‘The Love Between’ came from a desire to share her passion for the Course’s teachings in a way that would assist fellow students and seekers to achieve a better understanding of its thought system; to develop a deeper sense and experience of the Love that pours through the teaching ‘between’ the words, and to be able to use this Divine Guidance practically in everyday life.  

Andrea loves the open-hearted  joining with others on the path, as we teach and learn from one another.  She feels called to share what she has learnt, and continues to learn, with those who are seeking the inner peace that comes with the gentle healing practice of forgiving self, others and all aspects of the world we live in.  A beautiful avenue for this sharing can be found on the Facebook page ‘The Love Between’, as well as in Andrea’s writings on this website.  

A Course in Miracles encourages us to ‘Teach only Love, for that is what you are’, and dedication to this advocacy is a moment by moment practice undertaken with conscious intention; all thoughts not of Love are raised to the Light of Awareness and released. This is the essence of Andrea’s practice, and it forms the crux of what she shares with others.

Andrea hosts a Course study group meeting at her home every second week, and our group meets every other week at Bardolino Artists Retreat in Nelspruit. The group’s experience and understanding of A Course in Miracles has been greatly enriched by their collaborative study of the teachings. New members are always welcome. 

Andrea is a wife and mum blessed with the love and companionship of her husband and 3 grown up daughters, and a menagerie of animals. She lives in White River, a beautiful corner of the Lowveld, in South Africa.